Importand notice

Currently we can not provide any kind of support to the plugin, nor can we provide any other custom plugins, due to time pressure.

The plugin is free to use and download from, and we will keep this website live for documentation.

Once we find the time, we will update the current system and provide new extenting plugins. This will take a while though!

We hope for your understanding! Thank you for your interest and we apologise for any inconvennience!



I can't add new cities from the quick add form, located at the business's (Hotel's) page

To enable this feature you have to install the qTranslate plugin, it's one of the best translation plugins and it's free. The qTranslate plugin should be installed in order the wp-easybooking plugin to function properly.


Is it necessary to install the qTranslate plugin, even if my site is not multilingual?

Yes it is. The wp-easybooking plugin uses qTranslate's functions in several cases, so if you do not install it the plugin will have errors. If your site is not multilingual, you still have to install and activate qTranslate, but don't enable the 'qTranslate language chooser' widget at Appearance/Widgets.


Can I use a different plugin for translations, or I have to use qTranslate only?

The wp-easybooking plugin uses functions of qTranslate for translations. So no other translation plugin will do, only qTranslate.


I can not select any owner for my hotel

To add an owner, go to the wordpress 'Users' menu and press 'Add New'. Fill in the details and select the role "Businessman".


I have created a new business (hotel) and added room types, but it doesn't show up at the results page.

After creating a new business, you have to: 1. Set the location information from the 'Contact information' tab. 2. Set the operating period or seasons of the hotel, from the 'Seasons/ Operating period' tab. 3. Fill in the payment details of the hotel at the 'Payment Accounts' tab. You have to fill at least the bank details or the paypal account. 4. You have to publish the hotel by pressing the 'Publish' button at the top of the business's page.


When I search for hotels, there are no rooms and no prices shown at the results page (nor the hotels page), just plain hotel names, even if I have added rooms and prices for them.

This may happen for two reasons. First, you have not set the website's currency from the 'Easy Booking' menu. Second, you have not selected a business pack/ package deal for your hotels. At the top of the hotel's page there is a selection box with the available business packages options, from which you have to select one. For the free version it doesn't matter which one you select.


When I activate the plugin and widget, there are several pages added at the menu bar. But when I click on them nothing appears.

The plugin creates these several pages in order to use them for displaying specific content. In the instructions.pdf (or at you will see that you have to create a new menu (from Appearance/ Menus), and add only the specific pages or post you want, excluding the pages the plugin created. In some themes, these pages will still be visible at the menu bar. In that case you have to install a plugin to exclude pages from the manu bar. There are several free plugins to do that.


When activating the widget, the text in the buttons and labels of the search form appears in many languages, and it is not readable.

This is because the plugin comes with some translations. This will be fixed once you install the qTranslate plugin.


Why do I see 'No report available' at the Balance column at the Businesses List?

The free version does not calculate the fee that Hotel Owners owe you. That's why it can not display any report.


Since the free version does not calculate Hotel Owner's fees, why do I have to select a 'Package Deal' for every hotel?

The main (premium) version of this plugin, uses the package deal of the hotel at several procedures. The free version is just limited at the reports, but the calculations are the same. That's why you have to select a Package Deal for each hotel.


Can I add new Package Deals?

No. This operation has been excluded from the free version.


How can I change the text 'Resort Search Results', that appears at the top of the results page?

From the 'Pages' menu of WordPress, select the 'Resort Search Results' page and change it's title to whatever you like. Same goes for the rest of the pages. Be careful though and leave the content as is, change only the titles.


How can I add a new language?

From the qTranslate settings.


I am using WordPress version 3.5 and it seems like qTranslate does not work. What can I do? 

First make sure you have the latest version of the qTranslate plugin. You can find it here (version 2.5.32), which is compatible up to WordPress 3.4.2.

Since you have downloaded the latest version of qTranslate, you have to follow these three steps in order to make it work with version 3.5:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded and open the file qtranslate.php. Go to line 90 and change this define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.4.2'); to this define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.5'); . Then save the file.
  2. At the same folder open file qtranslate_javascript.php. Go to line 225 and change this }, 250); to this }, 500); (or just change the number to 500 instead of copying it from here). Save the file. Now upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins folder of your website.
  3. After uploading the qTranslate plugin, we recommend to install the CKEditor plugin for WordPress, which replaces the default tinyMCE editor used by WordPress. This will solve all your editor's issues at your whole website. Another way is to log in to your admin and go to "Appearance -> Editor". From there select the theme you are using, from the dropdown at the top right corner, and press the "Select" button. From the "Templates" list,on the right, find the file 'Theme functions (functions.php)' and click on it. Enter a new line with this add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') ); after the <?php line. Click on the "Update File" button at the bottom. And now the qTranslate plugin will be compatible with the version 3.5 of WordPress. But you will only be able to use the "Text" view of the editor. That's why we insist on the CKEditor.


How can I translate the messages of the widget to a language I added, or change the translations that already exist?

From the 'Translations' menu of the Easy Booking plugin. All messages are categorised depending on the page they appear. So press on 'Search Form' to translate the messages that appear on the search form, at every language, 'Search Results Page' for messages that appear on the results page etc...


Are there any other plugins that extend this plugin's functionality?

There are some planned to be ready within the next few months (Rating, Hotels offers etc.), but they will not be free. They will be announced at


How can I change the colours and the way the pages are displayed?

Most of the colours can be changed from the 'eb_widgetStyle.css' file, but you have to be familiar with css. There will be support packs, with low costs, available soon at, which you can purchase. If you do not find any pack that fits your needs I would be more than happy if you contact me at


How can I get any help if I face any problem?

You can use the contact form or open a ticket!