Importand notice

Currently we can not provide any kind of support to the plugin, nor can we provide any other custom plugins, due to time pressure.

The plugin is free to use and download from, and we will keep this website live for documentation.

Once we find the time, we will update the current system and provide new extenting plugins. This will take a while though!

We hope for your understanding! Thank you for your interest and we apologise for any inconvennience!



Install plugin

As like with most of wordpress plugins, in order to install wp_easybooking at your wordpress site, you have to unzip the file you downloaded and upload it to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.

After that from your administration panel you will see that the wp_easybooking plugin and widget are ready to be activated:
Activate wp_easybooking plugin and widget

First click on "activate" at "Easy Booking" and then press "activate" at "Easybooking Widget"

Please keep in mind that you first have to activate the plugin and second the widget.

That's it. wp_easybooking has been succesfully installed at your website.