Importand notice

Currently we can not provide any kind of support to the plugin, nor can we provide any other custom plugins, due to time pressure.

The plugin is free to use and download from, and we will keep this website live for documentation.

Once we find the time, we will update the current system and provide new extenting plugins. This will take a while though!

We hope for your understanding! Thank you for your interest and we apologise for any inconvennience!




There are a few things that you need to set to take the best out of the wp_easybooking plugin. Also be sure you have followed instructions at the prerequisites page.

1. WordPress permalinks: Go to the "Settings" menu of your WordPress administration, and click on the submenu "Permalinks". Take a look at the options of the "Common Settings" area. Make sure that the option "Default" is not selected. Any of the other options will do ("Day and name", "Month and name", "Numeric" and "Post name") :

WordPress permalinks

The "Custom Structure" option is recommended only to experienced users.

2. qTranslate URL Modification Mode: If you have not changed anything from the "Advanced Settings" of qTranslate ignore this. If you are not sure, click again at the WordPress "Settings" menu and then on "Languages" (this submenu is added when qTranslate is installed and active). In the page that appears click on the "Advanced Settings (Show)" and make sure the option "Use Query Mode(?lang=en)" is selected at the "URL Modification Mode" area:

qTranslate permalinks


Payment accounts
If you are going to charge your customers (Hotel Owners) from your site you have to set your payments accounts. To set these accounts press the menu that sais "Easy Booking". The screen that shows up looks like this:

wp_easybooking Settings menu

Press the "show" button and these settings will apear as in the following image:

wp_easybooking Settings menu

Fill in your websites main currency and your payment details in the appropriate fields and click the "Save" button.

Package deals
Package deals are the packages you use to charge your customers (Hotel Owners). You can charge them by a period based fee (per 1 month, 2 months etc.), by a percentage depending on their bookings (for each month), or you may use both of these charging methods in your package deals. You may have a variety of package deals and associate any of them to any Hotel. A hotel owner may have several hotels registered at your website with different package deals.

To set your package deals click on the "Package Deals" menu and you will see the following screen:

wp_easybooking Package Deals


If the "DEFAULT" package deal does not appear (the first time you enter that page) please click on the "Package Deal" menu once more.

To create new package deals press on the link at the top that says "Create new Package Deal" or the "Show" button. If you want this package deal to charge let's say 120 $ ( or etc - your websites main currency that was set at Payment account section above) each 2 months and an additional 15% for each booking, then simply enter the ammount 120 in the "Charge by period" text box, select 2 months, and from the charge by bookings options select 15. If you only want the 15% charge by bookings then just leave the "Charge by period" text box empty. Oh, don't forget to give a name to it (like business pack one...) .

Once you have your package deals ready you can assosiate them with any hotel from the "Businesses" area.

Importand Note: Since you create a package deal, you will not be able to change the charging options nor to delete it. This is to avoid errors during the calculation of the amount that Hotels owe you.If you need to change a package deal just create a new one with your charging amounts and change to the new package deal from the Business area.

Hide EasyBooking pages from menu bar
After installing wp_easybooking plugin, some pages will be created automatically at your wordpress website. These pages by default will show up in the menu bar and should be removed from there. To remove this pages from the menu you need to go to the menu "Appearance > Menus" and create a new menu:

Create new menu

and click on the "Create Menu" button.

After the menu is created select from the "Theme Locations" box (top left at the same page) your new menu as Primary menu:

Select primary menu

and click save.

Now import pages or posts you want to show on the menu bar by checking them and press the "Add to Menu" button. Do not include pages

  • Bookings
  • Booking Completed
  • Booking review
  • View resort
  • Resort Search Results

The above pages are generated by the plugin and should be used only by the wp_easybooking widget.

For some themes this method has no results. So you should use a plugin to do this like the "Exclude Pages" plugin.

Include wp_easybooking widget at pages
It is recommended to show the wp_easybooking widget (resort search) in all pages generated by the plugin. To do so go to the "Pages" menu of wordpess and for the pages Bookings, Booking Completed, Booking review, View resort and Resort Search Results click on "Quick Edit" and select at the "Template" option the "Sidebar Template" as in the image bellow:

Show Widget at EasyBooking pages

Change the titles of wp_easybooking pages
To change, or translate, the titles of the pages that wp_easybooking plugin created go to the "Pages" menu of wordpress and click on "Edit". Enter the titles you need without changing the desciption of the pages and press update (the blue button on the top right box).

Before you go on adding Hotels and Room types it would be a good idea to set their facilities (like Swimming pool, WiFi , Accept pets, Bathroom etc. ). Click on the "Facilities" menu and then on the link that says "Add new facility" so the following area will apear:

New Facility

 Check "Hotel facility" if the new facility is for hotels or "Room facility" if it is for room types. Type in name and description for each language you have enabled ( from qtranslate plugin ) and click on the "Add new facility" button. If you want to add an image to it press the edit link from the facilities link. From the edit area you can change the name and title and also you can add an image to it:

Edit facility