Hello and welcome to the wp_easybooking demo page.

This page was made to demonstrate the functionality of the wp_easybooking plugin and does not perform actual bookings. All hotels found here do not exist in reallity.

Hotels and locations list

Try the search abilities, of the wp_easybooking widget, using some of the following information. You may start typing in the search box, country names, city names or hotel names. You may also type anything else to check out the messages that appear.

Country : United States
       City : New York
        1. NY Hotel
2. Fancy Palace
3. Blue Hotel
4. Edge Tower
City : California City
1. California Hotel
2. Sunny Beach Hotel
3. Blue sky
4. Edge Hotel
5. Sky skraper tower
6. ABC hotel
7. EFG Hotel and Villas
8. California Beach hotel
Country : France
City : Paris
1. Eiffel Tower Hotel
2. Paris Central Hotel
3. Jeanne D’ Ark
4. Paris Chilton
 Country : United Kingdom
City : London
1. The Big Ben’s Place
2. King George
3. Queen’s Tower
Counry : Greece
City: Athens
1. Hercules Hotel
City : Elounda
1. Golden Beach

Translation notes

This page has been partly translated only, just to show you what type of content can be translated to any language. Only some part of the search form has been translated to all languages. The rest has been translated to German, Chinese and Greek (with google translate…).

Other notes

The WordPress version of this demo is 3.4.2. The template is the default twentyeleven template included with WordPress.
The qTranslate version is 2.5.32.
The template’s header has been edited to include the language flags at the position you see.